Community Sports

Community Sports

Community Sports

Our Community Sports programme allows not-for-profit sports groups to apply for set packages of goods, which are then distributed to successful applicants.

Going forward, the programme will only focus on specific themes and categories of sports.

We are pleased to announce the next round for the programme will run between August 15th- 26th 2016

For this round of our Community Sports Programme, we will only consider applications which help girls and women become more active in team sports - with a specific focus on the following womens team sports only:

  • Football
  • Futsal
  • Netball
  • Basketball

Why are we focusing on this? Across Great Britain, 22% of the population take part in team sports. However, more men play sport than women - with recent Sport England research outlining that 40.7% of men play sport at least once a week compared to 31.7% of women.

Women also predominantly take part in individual sports - such as swimming or running, and do not participate as fully in community-led, team sports.

If you wish to renew kit and equipment for an all-female team or even start up a new one, this grant round is exactly for you. 

Applicants must fully read the Guidance Notes and Package Details below, before registering to complete the Online Application Form - which will only be available during the round dates. 

Community Sports Guidance Notes  Package Details - Aug 2016 Online Application Form

Once open, the form will allow you to select the relevant colours and sizes (including both adults and kids) for your team. 

A further round will run during October, more details of which will be posted in due course.