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“Oldie” friendly venues in Hackney

City and Hackney Carers Centre is committed to supporting unpaid carers in the borough of Hackney.

It offers carers a range of services, from practical support such as statutory assessments, benefits advice, counselling sessions, a befriending service and training workshops, to fun, educational, life-enhancing projects for carers and non-carers alike, such as art workshops, radio broadcasts, senior citizen podcasting sessions and more.

Their latest project which received a grant of £19,999 through Postcode Community Trust is their ‘Oldie-Friendly Venue’ scheme (so named by the senior group).
As people age, their needs change and once-beloved venues become inaccessible. Going up or down stairs? Forget it. Toilets on an upper floor? No good. Loud music? Ouch!
The senior citizens who frequent I.T. drop-In sessions don't want to stay home, so they've come up with a scheme to map the ‘Oldie-Friendly Venues’ of Hackney.
They have created a website and social media channels around this issue, and an information pack about friendly venues. They have also created an Oldie-Friendly welcome kit for venues which includes stickers and a poster for them to display.

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