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Staying connected and staying safe in Accrington

Spring into Action is a group working towards creating a society where people with learning disabilities can fully participate. They do this by providing opportunities for people with learning disabilities to get involved in activities, volunteer within services and find employment.

Thanks to funding from Postcode Community Trust, Spring into Action recently held an online safety training session for 47 people. Of those who took part, 23 people with a learning disability said that they had never previously had any training around staying safe online.

This project has made a huge difference as everyone involved in the course now feels they know how to check their privacy settings on emails and on social media, making sure they’re staying safe while online. Before the course, only 16% of participants felt they were very confident in staying safe online and at the end of the project this had increased to 45%.

With the global pandemic still ongoing, Spring into Action have given people the confidence to use the internet to keep connected to their friends and family using technology such as Zoom, something which was completely new to most of the group.

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