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Awarding funds thanks to players of People's Postcode Lottery

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Wheels of independence in Wessex

Originally founded by parents of children with autism, Autism Wessex strives for a different way of supporting children and their families.

Ever since 1968, they have provided whole life care to people and support for their families and carers. The ‘Autism has Bikeability’ project, which was made possible through Postcode Community Trust, aimed to promote independence through cycling, which supports students to become active in their communities.

This project saw the installation of new bicycle out-buildings, the Purchase of bicycles, safety and maintenance equipment, the training of 2 Bikeability Trainers, and basic bicycle maintenance lessons for the students.

The organisation reported a buzz of unity and togetherness now as lockdown eases. “It had disappeared somewhat when the pandemic first hit but, it is back for good thanks to the players of Peoples Postcode Lottery.”

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